Jointer Stand Re-Do

rps20170402_184715_244Since the Craftsman Walker Turner jointer is all cleaned up I started to rework the stand, making it fit the jointer a bit better. It was poorly built and the motor mount was a Mickey Mouse affair that needed fixing…some progress:rps20170402_184939rps20170402_184851_416A mock-up:rps20170402_184813_624


2 thoughts on “Jointer Stand Re-Do

  1. Very nice restoration!
    I have a Craftsmen 102.05600 model jointer in my garage in pieces! I will be cleaning it up and putting it back together over the next few days and would appreciate any tips you could provide to make the finished product look and work great.
    Did you reuse all the parts from the original machine?
    The cutter head seems fine, blades have a few nicks and the bearings are working great. Being that it is dissembled should I grease or add oil to the bearings? If yes do I need to remove the bearings from the housings to oil or grease?
    There are two long blade looking metal pieces that were in the dove tails of the base, are those the gibs? Should they be replaced before assembling or would they be good to use, they are in good condition with only the indents from the set screws.
    Would you recommend stripping the paint or leave it as is?
    Mike H
    Farmington MN


    • Mike, thanks for the comment. Yes I did re-use all the original parts from the jointer. I re-packed the bearings with new grease, I don’t have a puller or press to remove/replace the bearings, so I just screwed off the caps on each bearing and packed grease in as best I could…seemed to work fine. Yes those are the gibs and they are fine to re-use as they are. A re-paint is up to you really, the paint on mine was in pretty good condition so I elected to just do a clean up and leave the original paint. Any other questions feel free to ask!


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