Craftsman Walker Turner 6″ Jointer

unnamed (2)

Brought home a new (read 1930’s) jointer yesterday, I had been interested in upgrading from my 4″ Rockwell Beaver and finally found a 6″. It’s a Craftsman badged Walker Turner Model 102.05600 from the late 1930s.

The gentleman was selling because he was downsizing and moving into an apartment…he was motivated to sell and wasn’t asking big money, he just wanted to be rid of the items he couldn’t take with him.

I removed the tables and cleaned/lubricated the dovetail ways. I also pulled the cutter head and packed the bearings as best I could without removing the bearings from the shaft…they looked pretty clean, just dry. Then I re-assembled and started cleaning it up. It cleaned up well…I reworked the stand a bit as well….not the most sturdy stand, but it will do.





The money shot:

unnamed (2)


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  1. That is the nicest 6″ jointer I have ever seen. If I owned one like that, I’d sell my Stanley No 8 hand plane.

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  2. sswantee says:

    Thanks…it is coming out nice, still some work to do though!


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