Put A Lid On It…

20161016_1825111I realize I may be jumping the gun here…having only been working out of the toolchest for the past year, but I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and started working on the lid. This afternoon I cut all the boards for the lid, cut the molding that will lip over the sides of the chest, and cut the tongues and grooves that will provide the mechanical connection between the lid and the molded edge.

I got as far as a dry fit of the parts before supper, as seen here mocked up on the chest:20161016_1702531Next step is to glue up the panel and clean up with the smoothing plane, then attach the edge molding and trim to final width. Toodles…


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  1. No apologies, mate.

    Lids are a big commitment
    and therefore are not by any
    to be enterprised
    nor taken in hand
    unadvisedly, lightly, or wantonly,
    but reverently, discreetly, advisedly,
    and in the fear of God.

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