Saw Vise

20160911_1427521For some time I have been looking for a saw vise for sharpening my saws. Up til now I had been placing a block on either side of the saw plate, and clamping the whole thing in my twin screw vise. This usually involves a juggling act as I attempt to clamp everything in the vise without shifting things out of position. This morning my wife asked if I wanted to go to the local flea market…I grudgingly agreed, knowing I was only going to find the same old junk. Something to do together if nothing else.

As I walked around I saw a table that showed some promise. I walked over and started perusing the goods, and suddenly spotted a familiar piece of cast iron screwed to a board. Now saw vises are not an often seen item in these parts, so I grabbed it off the table as soon as I saw it. I flipped it over and saw the price on the backside of the board…$12.00

I walked over to the lady proprietor and offered $10. She said sure…what is it?

My wife spotted an old mahogany side table, and we made off with our arms full of goodies for a grand total of $35.00

At home after we unloaded, I started to clean up the vise. It had a little surface rust in areas, but that cleaned up pretty well. I mounted it to a new board to use for clamping the assembly in my vise and it’s good to go.20160911_1421501First order soon as I had a workable vise was to sharpen my Disston 12″ No.4 backsaw. It wasn’t terribly dull, but I wanted to add a more aggressive rake for ripping.20160911_1456271The vise worked great, and as there are no errant file marks on the vise jaws, I have to wonder if it was actually ever used (at least for filing saws…). You never know what you’ll find at the fleas.


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