Woodworking Interruptus

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any progress on anything, six months to be exact…not that anyone is counting. I had the old 2 car garage torn down…it had seen better days and frankly, was a bit of an eyesore. Mainly a place to store the lawn tractor/snowblower, etc. and a home for wayward squirrels and mice. The old hand poured cement slab had cracked down the middle and the seasonal freeze and thaw cycles had started to spread the slab apart to the point where the walls were now about 5 degrees off plumb. Doors no longer sealed at the bottom,and threatened to pop off the track when raised and lowered. Time had expired…

This was the site of my first shop,until nature started to have her way with her…once I determined it was no longer a viable space for a workshop (about 16 years ago), I built the shop I presently use. The new shop sits on the other side of the old garage, and to get power for the shop, I routed the power coming into the garage to the opposite wall of the garage, and out the wall via an underground cable to the new shop. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but once presented with the need to demolish the old garage, this meant I  no longer had power to the shop. Long story short I had to bury a new cable, and the shop is once again live.

Last post I had just completed the crown molding for the half bath cabinet,and it was time to resume. I started working on the door for the cabinet. I decided on a paneled door with mortise and tenon construction. 20160625_182546[1]20160625_184852[1]I had always just planed down 3/4″ stock to 1/4″ for panels, but that seemed like a waste, so I kerfed the panel stock on the tablesaw with the blade set at full height on both edges, then ripped the rest of the way through with my Disston No.7 and then planed to size.

For the back of the cabinet I planned on pine beadboard from the home center. When I got it home and cracked open the plastic wrap I was disappointed with the finish of the beadboard, deep milling marks made the finish look horrendous in raked lighting as you can see below:20160627_183053[1]After some contemplation I pulled my scraper plane out of my toolchest.20160630_192623[1]Relief for the OCD impaired:20160701_072819[1]20160701_102935[1]20160625_185206[1]Next up: Finishing


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