Half Bath Cabinet

So recently my wife has been asking for a cabinet in the downstairs half-bath to store cleaning supplies, etc. to replace the plastic tub of cleaners behind the toilet. I have been procrastinating for a while now, but decided this weekend to make a start. This will match another cabinet I built several years ago to cover and provide access to the ugly electrical panel in the same room. Since it had been a while since I built that one, I made a few rough sketches of the various components as a guide:
2015-11-15 07.31.29_resized (2)
My wife doesn’t get my sketches…they are crooked on the page, disorganized and I tend to sketch right over previous ones that aren’t working out, as you can see. She says they are a mess…I tell myself “That’s how a master works”. Hah!…. :-/

I wanted to do the bulk of this project with hand tools. I started laying out the sides, in particular the curve on the bottom. After a few quick minutes playing with the compass (no coffee can here) I found a pleasing curve (at least to my eye):20151114_132539[1]
Once I had this completed I sawed it to rough length and sawed off the waste with my aforementioned newly renovated Disston No. 7 24″ Panel Saw ! There’s a mouthful…I’m impressed with this saw, it cuts quickly and tracks a line well. I gushed somewhat about how well it worked to my wife and…”You know you have a tablesaw that will do that right?”. Pfffttt!
Once this was completed I shaped the end curves with the bandsaw and sanding drum…I said “bulk”, remember?
The last thing I did last night was plane the edges to get rid of the saw marks and take them to their final dimension. I also cut out the parts for the top and bottom, but I have noticed the top has a twist in it, so I will re-cut a new part. Once that’s done it will be joined to the top with…you guessed it, dovetails!


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