Flea Market 7 Point Ripper

LOML and I decided to go to the flea market this morning…there seemed to be an abundance of tools today. I didn’t buy up a storm, but a little Disston ripsaw caught my eye. When I went back to have a look, the vendor, a man in his 60’s commented that it was a Henry Disston saw. I picked it up and turned it over to have a better look, trying to pick out a trace of an etch on the plate but couldn’t see any under the staining. I looked down the toothline to see if it was straight, and was a little suprised how straight it was, and how even the teeth were. If this saw had been sharpened in it’s lifetime it was by someone who knew what they were doing. What caught my eye originally was the nicely shaped beech handle with it’s carved lamb’s tongue….in a sea of plywood and plastic handled saw shaped objects this stuck out like a sore thumb. We talked for a minute about the saw, I commented it was a nice rip saw and he paused for a second and looked a little suprised. He said “It IS a rip saw…but you know that! Not many people know that these days…

Long story short I said I would take it and paid his asking price of $8.00, I’ve never been one to haggle over what I consider a fair price…these guys are trying to make a living too.

After I got home I disassembled and cleaned up the saw plate, in the process a faint etch appeared:20150913_154119_resizedI polished the saw nuts and gave the handle a light sanding to clean it up. a quick wipe of stain and a coat of oil finished it off. Just needs a quick lick with a file…20150913_152544_resizedNote: After studying the etch and comparing it to examples on The Disstonian Institute, this appears to be a Circa 1900 Disston No.7 Rip  24″ Panel Saw 7pt.


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