Tool Chest Hardware

The other day I added some hardware to the chest, specifically iron handles and corners. I already had a small box with a set of iron chest handles which I had bought from Lee Valley several years ago. Since I didn’t really use the box for much of anything,  I decided to re-purpose the handles and installed them on the tool chest. Once installed I lifted one end and realized how much this thing really weighs…Wow!20150822_124713_resizedThe other thing I wanted for the chest was a set of metal corners to install at the bottom corners of the skirt to protect against damage. Of course, after scouring the internet and coming up empty handed I realized that there is apparently no need for these, as nobody sells them…so, off to eBay we go. I found a set of 7 cast iron antique box corners (one has to wonder about the eighth…) and jumped on it. Once I received them I sprayed them black to match the handles and installed them with brass slotted screws. 20150822_124619_resized20150822_124840_resizedI like these as they have a raised rib which will provide a pretty good measure of protection…and they seem to go well with the overall theme of the chest. Still gotta get to the lid at some point…20150822_124549_resized


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