14141999_646579145514457_6032299291488318437_nA question(s)….how many of you have prattled on and on endlessly to your spouse about vintage tools? Have you elicited multiple eye rolls, yawns and a general lack of interest on the subject? And lastly, are you wasting your time doing it? If the answer to the first two questions is “no…” then pull up your big boy panties and start boring the crap out of your mate, ’cause you’re not trying hard enough. If you answered “yes” to the last question then repent….because YOU’RE WRONG!

Take today for instance…we decided to go for a drive and ended up at my new favorite antiques shop, a rambling olde timey ex-general store about 45mins from home. Of course I have my spidey sense turned on looking for old tools…she is looking at dainty teacups and porcelain cat ornaments. I find a nice old antique rosewood and brass sliding bevel…”Hey this is nice!”. Mmmhmmmm…

On we trudge, me breezing past glass display cases while she pauses to browse. On my way back she draws my attention to the display case. “Look…”Jesus Marion Joseph (at least that’s what it sounded like when I was a kid)! A Stanley No.141 Plow Plane in all it’s rosewood and nickel plated glory…after several minutes of ooh-ing and ahh-ing and asking the sales lady the price, my wife gave me the green light…the rest is history.

Here are a few more pics:20150729_210809[1]20150729_210743[1]20150729_210855[1]The Stanley No.141 Plow Plane was produced from 1887-1918. The cutters are missing, but it is in remarkable condition for it’s age. Thanks to my wonderful wife Kimmy for spotting this gem. Oh yeah…here’s the bevel I found:20150729_211116[1]Kind of unremarkable next to Kimmy’s find.

Long story short, prattle on….

Tool Chest Update

No, I haven’t forgotten about it…nor have I completed any more work on it. It is however beside my bench stocked with hand tools, and the small amount of work I have done has been completed working out of the chest. I must say that at this point I do enjoy working out of a tool chest…I find it very convenient to have all of my hand tools all stored in one small area beside the bench.

As far as the completion of the chest I am still planning to use a frame and panel lid stained the same as the rest of the chest, but with 4 walnut panels…unstained, to provide some contrast to the chest. I think the walnut panels will look nice against the dark brownish black of the frame, especially as the walnut ages to a rich brown tone. With vacation upon me, I hope to find a few hours to tinker…


So…it seems harder and harder recently to get any time in the shop, but I did get a little more work done on the molding in the back entry. The last time I had posted about this topic I was looking for a decent pine board I could make the beads from to add to the door casings I molded. I found an acceptable piece of 1-1/8th inch stair tread at the local home center and managed to get some beads molded on the shaper and attached…I think it dresses up the casings a bit, but I fear I will be long in the ground before I ever finish at this pace. Ah well, life is a journey, I guess…apparently a long one!20150728_101921_resized