Tool Chest-Sliding Tills

After a period of inactivity I’ve gotten back to the tool chest and the next stage in construction….the sliding tool tills. I debated on the construction of these for some time…originally I planned to dovetail them, but in the interest of saving time I had almost decided on butt joints and finish nails (I have an oak box that holds all of my layout tools which has been doing it’s job for the last ten years  just fine with butt joints and finish nails), until a friend at work said “All that work dovetailing the chest and you’re going to nail the trays…”

So here we are…IMG_1873IMG_1815IMG_1817I had considered leaving the tills natural, but decided to try and match the walnut runners they were going to rest on. I used Minwax Provincial stain I had on hand which I had used on the Dovetailed Keepsake Box ( the staining was completed and the fronts were drilled for the installation of the knobs, I turned my attention to the bottoms. I planed 1×12 pine boards down to 5/16ths and cut to length and width, leaving about 1/8th over on width. To install, I used brass cut screws and a thin bead of glue to attach along the front edge to limit movement on the show side, and used 1-1/4″ copper spiral nails along the back and ends to allow expansion/contraction towards the back of the till where it isn’t seen. Unfortunately I didn’t plan for enough wood to complete all 3 tills, so I still have one to go. Here’s a few pics with tools:IMG_1878IMG_1883 IMG_1880Stay tuned…


8 thoughts on “Tool Chest-Sliding Tills

    • Thanks for the great comments! The closer it gets to completion the more I am liking it…especially since I have started on the tills. One of those heirloom projects for sure.


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