Tool Chest-Tool Rack

Slow progress I know…have been debating back and forth on the tool rack at the front of the chest. Have decided on a simple rack using some walnut scraps and pine strips. I cut some walnut and sketched a curve I was happy with, then cut a couple of notches on the top with my radial arm saw and dado blade to hold the pine strips:IMG_1793[1]To attach the brackets to the inside of the chest I counterbored them for brass screws and screwed them to the inside of the chest. Once I had them attached I cut and a planed two pine strips to fit in the notches I created with the dado blade. The back strip is just a press fit with no fasteners required…the front will be drilled and pinned with a small finish nail and a dab of glue.IMG_1797[1]IMG_1798[1]The rack will hold some of my smaller saws and marking gauges, awls etc. and only limit the travel of the trays a small amount.


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