Tool Chest-Bottoms Up…

Been a while since I had a chance to get back on the chest…the carcass is all glued up, and the pins and tails were planed flush last time I worked on it. Today I started the bottom. My plan was to make up the bottom of the chest from shiplapped boards approx. 5 1/2″ wide. First I found half the thickness of the bottom boards using my marking gauge, then set my depth stop to the line. I planed the lapped joints with my Millers Falls No.85 (a copy of the Stanley No.78) set for a fairly rank cut to take as thick a shaving as possible without tearout.IMG_1665[1]After all the boards were shiplapped I lined them all up so I could see if any needed finessing:IMG_1667[1]Once I was happy with the way all the lap joints fit together I scribed a line to position the cut nails to and started boring pilot holes and driving nails!IMG_1670[1]After I’m done that I’ll start on the skirt around the bottom.


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