Tool Chest-Tails Completed & A Conversion

It’s been a while since I posted about the tool chest project…it has been very cold in the shop and my firewood supply is pretty low, so I have moved my shop indoors to the basement. This involved a lot of juggling around of items in the basement, but now that it’s done, I have a primo spot right beside the pellet stove…no waiting 2-3 hours for the workshop to warm up enough to be able to work comfortably! Of course all the machines are still out in the shop, and if I need to use one it’s just a quick walk across the yard, but for this project I am using mostly hand tools. I had been reading about dovetail layout with dividers, so since I was in the city on Friday, I stopped at Lee Valley and picked up a couple pair. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a neat way to lay out your tails…and the spacing is perfect. Here is the other side in the process of being cut:IMG_1586[1]Normally I cut away all my waste with just chisels and a mallet, but decided to try the coping saw method and I like it…it only leaves a minimum of stock to remove and pare to the scribe line. I had always avoided doing it this way because my coping saw was crap, but my Millers Falls No.52 does a lot better than the old one ever did. Now I just need to find some decent coping saw blades… Finished product:IMG_1590[1]Next: Pins


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  1. Your source for coping saw blades:




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