Pins Completed

Got back to work on the pins this afternoon and managed to complete the other 3 corners. Here are a couple of in-progress pics:

My typical layout and marking waste areasIMG_1615[1]Cutting out waste with the coping saw:IMG_1616[1]Chopping to the scribed baseline:IMG_1617[1]Assembled for a dry fit:IMG_1619[1]There are a few apologies, but overall I am pleased with the results. I got the two front corners squared up and glued tonight…I wasn’t brave enough to glue all four corners at once all by myself. Another evening I will finish glue up and plane the ends of the pins and tails flush with the carcasse. It’s good to have the major part behind me!

Finally Some Pins…

I have avoided the pins enough…I am always hesitant starting them on a large carcass for some reason. I think I spend so much time trying to make the tails as perfectly as possible that I hesitate to screw up the other half of the joint :-). I used my coping saw, as I did on the tails to remove the waste-much quicker and a lot easier whomping on the chisels when you are just paring to the baseline vs. chopping out the waste. Not perfect, but here’s the first corner going together:IMG_1606[1]There’s just one little caveat…at some point since the panels were glued and planed, a split opened on one of the long sides. May have been some hidden stresses pent up or maybe just being a pig. The good thing? It’s fairly small, doesn’t go through to the other side and will be hidden by the skirt as it’s low on one corner. You can see it at the bottom corner of the tail in the photo…#&@%@%$#%#%@*!!!!!IMG_1612[1]Think I’m gonna suck it up and pretend I don’t see it since it will be covered anyway…character, right? Yeah sure why not…

Annnnd, I’m writing this on my new Samsung ATIV Smart PC tablet to boot…one of the tires on my car seems higher than the others so I may use my old laptop to level that up!

Tool Chest-Tails Completed & A Conversion

It’s been a while since I posted about the tool chest project…it has been very cold in the shop and my firewood supply is pretty low, so I have moved my shop indoors to the basement. This involved a lot of juggling around of items in the basement, but now that it’s done, I have a primo spot right beside the pellet stove…no waiting 2-3 hours for the workshop to warm up enough to be able to work comfortably! Of course all the machines are still out in the shop, and if I need to use one it’s just a quick walk across the yard, but for this project I am using mostly hand tools. I had been reading about dovetail layout with dividers, so since I was in the city on Friday, I stopped at Lee Valley and picked up a couple pair. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a neat way to lay out your tails…and the spacing is perfect. Here is the other side in the process of being cut:IMG_1586[1]Normally I cut away all my waste with just chisels and a mallet, but decided to try the coping saw method and I like it…it only leaves a minimum of stock to remove and pare to the scribe line. I had always avoided doing it this way because my coping saw was crap, but my Millers Falls No.52 does a lot better than the old one ever did. Now I just need to find some decent coping saw blades… Finished product:IMG_1590[1]Next: Pins