3-In-One Protection

IMG_1563[1]Walking through my local Walmart yesterday I spied a rack of 3-In-One Multi Purpose Oil…I hadn’t used this stuff I don’t think since I was in my mid-teens, cleaning my guns after a day of target practice. Of course it was in the flat tin cans at that time (with the handy spout on top), but it’s the same great oil inside. That got me thinking about rust protection/lubrication for my woodworking planes, chisels etc. Since I became interested in woodworking I have always used WD-40 to clean my tools, but that’s all it seems to do really, it doesn’t seem to leave any lasting protection. Some use Camellia oil, mineral oils and scented baby oils that irritate the senses, but when I saw the 3-In-One, that seemed to be the ticket. I finished my shopping and before I left grabbed a couple bottles of oil off the shelf and a pack of microfiber rags for application of the golden elixir.

I had done a lot of planing on the panels for the toolchest and needed to do some sharpening, so that seemed the time to do a teardown to lubricate and protect my planes at the same time. I must say it worked really well, and several hours later it hadn’t all evaporated away like my WD-40 treatments of past. I kind of like the smell too…don’t judge me…IMG_1564[1]“To clean, lubricate and protect”-The 3-In-One mantra


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  1. Helga says:

    Good afternoon!

    3-in-one? Not nearly enough. Take a look at the georgous Germans’ Ballistol for about 50 in one or so.
    I was using camellia oil but I think I will give this a try, it already worked wonders on lubricating a wooden window’s mechanical parts.
    I am not affiliated with them. I just happen to have a few rust spots on some very new planes so I wanted to try a new oil. Your 3-in-one is not available in my country, Ballistol seems to be available in a lot of countries.

    I hope you will keep us updated on your success (or failure? I hope not!).

    Happy New Year



    1. sswantee says:

      Interesting…never heard of Ballistol. 3-In-One has been around a long time as well, at least since the 1890s. If I ever see some Ballistol I will try it out for sure. Good luck with it, and Happy New Year!


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