Tool Chest-Finally Started…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been thinking for some time of building myself a toolchest to store all my hand tools. I had originally thought of building a slant front style chest but after thinking it over I thought this would just be too limiting, so I am going with a traditionally styled dovetailed toolchest instead as I think it will give me greater flexibility in the long run.

Yesterday I went to the home center and picked out a couple of 12 foot 1×12 pine boards with only a couple of small tight knots and reasonably straight grain…this should yield enough stock to cut and glue up the sides of my chest. Final dimensions will be approx. 40Lx22Hx21W.

I started out grain matching and cutting my pine to rough overall size for the chest sides. Once complete and having decided which boards were getting glued together I started jointing the edges with my Stanley No.8. My method is to match plane…that is, lay out the boards as you want them positioned and fold them together and place them in the vise and use the jointer plane to joint both edges together. This method guarantees a straight panel, as planing both edges together gives you complimentary angles, which may not be 90 degrees, but when folded back out flat adds up to 180 degrees every time…hence the flat panel:IMG_1530Once jointed, I glued up the panels and set them aside to dry:IMG_1532Once two panels were clamped up, I took the opportunity to grab a bite and about an hour later I unclamped the panels and repeated the above for the other two chest sides. Then I started to finish plane the panels I had previously unclamped:IMG_1541IMG_1542Once the other two panels had set up a sufficient amount I planed them as well. I had forgotten how much of a workout planing is:IMG_1548Barrel is almost full…IMG_1545At this point I took a breather for a bit then went ahead and sized my panels to their final dimensions on the table saw with a crosscut sled:IMG_1549IMG_1550That’s it for today!



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  1. Good luck with your tool chest project! Having just finished my Anarchist’s Tool Chest I can honestly say that there is no more rewarding a project to undertake. Are you following any particular plans for your chest, or is it just roughly based on the traditional floor chest?

    Looking forward to following your progress on this build.



    1. sswantee says:

      I am not following any particular plan, just roughly basing it on the traditional tool chest as you said. I have been interested in building one for a long time. Unfortunately the last couple of days here have been in the -15 to -20 degree celsius range…not much work getting done in the shop. Thanks for your interest and a Happy New Years’


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