Pellet Stove Hearth Pad Molding

Several weeks ago a friend at work mentioned he was interested in making a molding to go around the tile pad under his pellet stove. He had aquired a large slab of maple and intended to use this to make the molding. After discussing the possibilities several times I offered to make the molding in my shop…we just needed to decide on a profile.

We discussed a large cove and bead type profile but settled on a bevel instead…more foot friendly. A few weeks ago he brought me the maple and after a week of procrastinating I started cutting and planing. I ripped a strip wide enough to get the two molded strips I needed and ran one side and edge through the jointer, which yielded a nice surprise:


Maple is not normally my favorite wood, but this piece had a nice curly grain. I ran it through the thickness planer to bring it to the desired dimensions and then started rummaging around my selection of router and shaper knives to find a beveled profile that would work. All I have is 45 degree bits and knives…this seemed too steep for the look I was going for, so I decided to cut the bevel on the table saw and finish with the hand plane. Here is the result:


And a couple 90 degree shots…



The last thing I did was to put a small relief cut on the backside where it fits against the tile to ensure the molding fits tightly against the tile. Tonight he sent me a picture of his installation…Looks great Chris!IMG_1491[1]


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