Off My Duff…

In this 140 year old house there are a million and one things that need to be fixed/replaced/renovated…so much so, that at times it is overwhelming to say the least. In the spring I had made some door casing to put up in our renovated kitchen but just never got to putting it up, so today I decided this was the day!

I installed the door frame and stop molding I had built and then spent the afternoon trimming out the doors in the back entry. When I was halfway through the first door I texted a picture to my wife…she seemed surprised from her reply:


I still have a couple pieces to add…one is a backband with a bead detail around the outside of the casing, and second is adding an applied bead to the flat section between the coves on the face of the casing. And of course filling nail holes and finishing after that. Here’s a couple more pics:





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