Went for a drive yesterday and visited Great Village Antiques and found a couple of molding planes in great condition. One is a Doscher Plane & Tool Co. nosing plane, while the other is a Davis hollow plane.

Decided to tune them up this morning, first up was disassembly and cleaning…then sharpening. I will focus on the nosing plane for the time being.

I started off flattening the back of the iron. It was fairly flat to start as you can see, only one tip which required some work.IMG_1348IMG_1349

After about 5 minutes of rubbing on the 1000 grit stone and a final few strokes on the 4000 grit stone it looked like this:IMG_1354

Time to work on the bevel. I only have one curved slipstone, so I made do with what I had, and honed the curved edge of the iron, then went back to the flat stone to remove the burr.IMG_1355

Once that was complete I folded a piece of leather over another plane to make a strop. After charging the leather with green chromium oxide I stropped the plane iron on the rounded leather to further refine the edge. Here you can get the picture somewhat…like I said, I don’t have an abundance of equipment for sharpening curved irons, so “ya use what ya gots”!

I loves me some chromium!IMG_1356

Plane reassembled…IMG_1358

…and ready to rock!



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