Chestnut Tools Perfect Pattern Handled Chisel Review


So after getting these home and giving them an initial honing, I tried some light paring and chopping to test their durability…they failed miserably as far as edge retention goes. Today I decided to continue with a last ditch effort to make the chisels usable…I hollow ground them to remove a bit of material (hoping to get back to some harder steel), then honed them freehand on 1000, then 4000 grit waterstones. Chopping pine endgrain with light mallet taps went…not fantastic, but ok. Tried chopping about 1/32″ Fir endgrain, and I might as well have dropped the chisel bevel down on the concrete floor…

My conclusion is that light paring cuts in softwood is this chisel’s only strong point, and I think I’m being generous in saying that. Pretty isn’t everything…


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  1. Maybe you could just use it to cut some of that rope?


    1. sswantee says:

      Possibly, but I wouldnt want to dull them prematurely…


      1. *snort*

        Well, like you said… Looks aren’t everything.

        Thanks for the honest review, by the way. I don’t like writing not-so-positive reviews, but they need to be done so others know not to waste their money.


      2. sswantee says:

        I know what you mean, I don’t like doing a negative review either…however, I bought them for dovetailing because of the nicely beveled sides, but as you know, dovetails are mainly trimming end grain. They do seem ok for paring cuts, and I will try them on my next dovetail project just to see…


  2. sswantee says:

    …before I open a paint can with ’em :-O


  3. There is always going to be a bit of give and take with the level of chromium needed to achieve stainlessness, but your experience sounds much worse than mine with these chisels. I’ve made chopping cuts across the grain into pine, walnut and mahogany with only a light stropping needed to bring them back to a shaving edge. What did the supplier say when you contacted them?


    1. sswantee says:

      I never did contact them about the issue…looking back I should have, but it was some time between when I bought them and when I first used them. They did improve marginally when I steepened the bevel. I’m kinda committed now…may steepen a bit more and see what happens.


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