Richards & Conover No. 4 1/2

So, I bought an old Richards and Conover 4 1/2 plane off Ebay…today it arrived in the mailbox! I tore open the box like an excited kid at Christmas, and …there was another box. Tore open that box, and there was a surprisingly heavy lump of bubble wrap inside. Carefully removed the bubble wrap and there she was, in all her glory…img_07501Disassembled for inspection…img_07471The plane is in excellent condition, only a little pitting on the front of the chipbreaker…no biggie. Also the iron is quite thick, more so than the comparable Stanley planes, and no pitting on the cutting edge. I have read that these were manufactured by Union for the Richards & Conover Hardware Co. I thought maybe Stanley at first, but differences in the frog receiver lead me to believe that it may indeed be made by Union. I need to sharpen and give ‘er a go, but that will have to wait…work, and an impending blizzard tomorrow are on the agenda right now. I reconciled myself with cleaning it up, re-assembling and making a spot for it on my plane rack…looks right at home eh?img_07531



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  1. Alex Moseley says:

    Nice Rich-Con stamp. Being from Kansas City, that’s fun to see. There’s a building in the River Market neighborhood with some faint Rich-Con signage painted on the brick.


    1. sswantee says:

      That’s interesting…it is quite a good plane. Nice when you can relate a tool to it’s origins. Thanks for the comment!


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