Tool Review: Veritas Planing Stop

As promised, here is my review of the Veritas Planing Stop from Lee Valley. It is available in a number of lengths…I chose the one that was 25 1/2″ long (approximately the width of my bench).

What you get:IMG_0697If you don’t have 3/4″ round dog holes in your benchtop you have some prep work to do. Two rows of parallel holes would be ideal in my opinion…for whatever that’s worth…or, you could just drill two holes at the end of the bench like I did for the purpose of this review. I used my brace and a 3/4″ Jennings auger bit along with my machinist’s square to keep me square and plumb with the universe.IMG_0690IMG_0693IMG_0694Once complete, I slid the posts onto the stop and positioned them relative to the dog holes and briefly had an “Oh shit!” moment…as I began to insert the posts into the holes, there seemed to be a lot of resistance. My first thought was that I had drilled the holes with the wrong size bit. A frantic breeze through the instructions confirmed that I had indeed used the correct bit…the posts are just a realllllly snug fit. Either that, or my bit is slightly undersized, which is entirely possible. Really glad now that I used the try square to keep the holes as square as possiible, because if you don’t you will not get the stop in the holes. I tried again, and put a bit more force on the posts and they reluctantly went in all the way…I expect with use they will loosen up a tad.

So, on to the fun part…I put a pine offcut on the bench up against the stop and set my No.4 for a heavy shaving and worked my way across the board. It was rock solid against the stop with no twisting/sliding etc. Then I set it for fine fluffy shavings and finished planed it with the same result.IMG_0704IMG_0706All in all I am very impressed with the stop. My only advice is to make sure your dog holes are dead square to the top and it will be a worthwhile addition to your bench…well worth the 30-odd dollar asking  price.


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  1. dennis cooper says:

    Thanks for the review as I have looked at this item several times. However I have made the equivalent with a 3/8 board and two dowels to fit in my bench that flush with the board at the top. Easy and cheap. Why is this better?


  2. sswantee says:

    Hey Dennis, a planing stop is certainly something that could be easily made in the shop and do everything you want it to…that being said, what I like about this one is the posts are infinitely adjustable along the length of the stop and will fit any dog hole spacing in seconds…without modifying or re-making a shop made fixture. Me likey. Thanks for your comments!


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