Keepsake Box-Part 6

So here we are, just as I feared…Christmas Eve morn and the box for my Dad is incomplete. Work requirements have prevented me from being able to work on it for the past couple of days, days that would have allowed me to finish assembly, stain and topcoat. Yesterday after work I jumped on it though…finished assembly, made the box lid and installed the hardware. I am pretty happy with it so far, it has turned out better than I had envisioned. One thing I have realized though is that I will have to pick up a chain for the lid…no biggie.IMG_0638[1]Today I am going out home to deliver gifts…giving Dad a gift card for now FYI. If I am lucky, maybe I will have time to put a coat of stain on it tonight, and decide if I will install the keyhole escutcheon I had planned to put on the front of the box…it was just for decoration, but I don’t know yet if I really like it or not. Cheers!


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