Dovetailed Keepsake Box

My wife had a good idea for a christmas present for my father this year, he is a difficult guy to buy for at any time of year, let alone Christmas. As Dad’s girlfriend of 25 years had passed away earlier this year, she thought a keepsake box would be a nice idea for him to put some special things in.

We are kind of behind the ball this year with the gift buying, so we looked around while we were in the city one weekend, but what seemed to have been a popular gift idea when we saw them everywhere a year ago, seems to have fallen out of favor this year. So after waffling back and forth over what unimaginative gift card to get him, I got to looking on Google Images this morning and found a nice design for a dovetailed keepsake box. Kind of late to start, with only 2 1/2 weeks til Christmas, but I think he will appreciate it. Here is the inspiration:


Not sure if I will build it out of pine or maple yet, but we are heading to the home center this afternoon to look. It’s been a while since I have done hand-cut dovetails, so it should be a fun project…stay tuned, I will try to remember to take lots of pics!


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  1. orepass says:

    Quality Christmas gifts all seem to start late and get finished at the last moment! I’m still trying to decide what to make for a few people!


    1. sswantee says:

      Hoping I am not too late getting started, especially with work, etc. Good luck with your gift making!


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