Shaping Window & Door Casing-Part 1

So today I started ripping and jointing the pine I purchased yesterday. I started by ripping the boards into 4-1/8″ wide strips and jointing one edge in preparation for shaping.IMG_0510[1]Once that was complete, I set up a cove and bead cutter in the shaper and used my template to set up the height and fence position and ran all the boards through the machine.IMG_0514[1]Once that step was complete I swapped out the cove and bead cutter for a large cove cutter and  blended the profile of the initial molding cutter into a more gentle transition where the molding will meet the window and door jambs.The last step (not including the applied bead and the bead and cove backband molding) is to mill the large cove in the moldings. This was accomplished with the same cove cutter as was used to transition the initial profile, but in a different position on the shaper spindle to reach the middle of the piece.IMG_0530[1]Last thing will be to mill the large bead and apply it to to the casing, and also mill the cove and bead backband molding. Here is a comparison of where it stands so far-you can see it is starting to take shape…IMG_0534[1]



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