Back On Track

Since we have been in our old house (a circa 1870’s farmhouse), we have done piles of work to “The Old Barn” as I call it. New basement, drywall, insulation in parts of the house and kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, updated wiring/plumbing etc., but I have been slacking off and have not done any of the trim work other than the coffered ceiling in the kitchen. The time has arrived…I went to the building supply today to pick up some stock to start making window and door casings.IMG_0493[1]We have already settled on a pattern for casing, hashed out through many hours of “animated discussions” as LOML puts it, I produced it months ago, but never actually got any farther than the mock up (she is a patient lady as you can no doubt tell by this point…she says that my CDO is the common denominator in all this. In case you are not yourself afflicted, CDO is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but with the letters in alphabetical order as they were meant to be, but we won’t open that can today…). You can see below what the finished product will look like, it is a loose representation of the original casings on our living room windows.IMG_0051[1]I will still need to pick up some two-by material for the applied back band but this will give me a start!


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