Stanley 358 Miter Box Ressurection

I had been looking for an old Stanley Miter Box for a while, and last week I was rewarded with an ad on Kijiji listing a Stanley Miter Box in excellent condition for the paltry sum of $50. On the way home from work I went to take a look, and after confirming all the parts worked and were present I paid the fellow his fifty and loaded it in my truck and raced off home like a giddy schoolgirl.IMG_0484[1]Over the weekend I disassembled and cleaned the box while I soaked the saw plate in Evaporust to get rid of the rust staining. Once clean, I could make out the etch on the saw plate a bit better-Shurly Dietrich Atkins, Galt, Ontario Canada ( a 1950’s or 60’s model I think…). I reassembled the miter box and saw and was ready for a trial run. I tried my first cut in a piece of 1X3 pine, and while the cut was pretty accurate, the saw was miserably dull…another project.


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  1. Thomas says:

    I have a 358 – missing a lot of parts – even with that it’s still a good box.


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