I have decided to start a blog to chronicle my woodworking endeavors, a place to document my projects and tool restorations and record my random scattered thoughts. I will admit I have absolutely no business writing a blog…if this all goes in the toilet, I will blame my friend who was the one that inspired me to write it. Thanks T!


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  1. Yes my Dear Sweet Hubby is well loved , or else I might have killed him by now….as his contemplative habits can drive me to drink, therefore I walk away and leave him to his musing…and eventually he gets things done! I love you more than than the thought of finished trim!


  2. Marilyn says:

    Welcome to the world of woodworking & blogging. Ditto! on the “having no business writing a blog”. So I use pictures .. mostly. But! From what I’ve read, you’ll be an excellent blogger. 😀


    1. sswantee says:

      Thanks Marilyn!


  3. My wife is likewise highly supportive of anything that keeps me from boring her to death with one-sided discussions (she supplies the obligatory nods and “uh, huh”s at the appropriate times) about woodworking. Every now and again I sneak in something about buying such-and-such tool, just to see if she’s listening.

    I have several nice tools now, btw, all wife-approved. 😉

    Also, if you want to experience the pangs of tool envy, check out Marilyn’s picture-blog entry on HER miter box restoration. Specifically, pay attention to the miter saw tote…




  4. sswantee says:

    I have ogled the tote…very nice indeed!


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